Art4Education is a student-driven, nonprofit initiative to fundraise for the education of underprivileged children.

About Us

A4E was conceptualised as a donation aggregator, and a way to make it easier for first-time donors to contribute to social causes. We accept donations in exchange for services or artwork which we price nominally, then donate the aggregated amounts to SOS Children's Villages India, which has a minimum donation amount of close to Rs. 10,000 — an amount not easily dispensed with, especially for first-time donors, or people with the desire to donate but not the extra money, such as students.

Our model provides donors something tangible in return for their donation: something we feel is very important for first-time donors. We believe seeing an A4E artwork or photo, at home or in your workplace, helps recall your contribution to our cause, and possibly renews a desire to contribute towards social good. In addition to these goals, we believe our greatest strength is our channelling of students’ talents for social good.

We provide young artists, with no experience on how to exhibit their work, platforms to showcase their accomplishments – giving them exposure, experience, and a sense of social commitment. We are at present supporting the living and education costs of three orphan girls at SOS Children Village Bawana, and have got much enthusiastic support for our past exhibitions and well as cycling tours of parts of Delhi.

In addition, this year we are adding a number of artistic disciplines to our repertoire–dance, slam poetry, theatre, hands-on workshops, etc.





“Every time I see this photograph in my office, I think back to [A4E’s] exhibition and the efforts [you kids] made. It makes me feel good, knowing I supported a child by buying this, and this serves as a reminder of that social responsibility.”

Our Work

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